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My Oldest Hobbyist Necklace Designs

Many of my early gothic jewellery purchases were from the Alchemy Gothic range. Although fantastic and gorgeous, their designs are immediately recognisable. Around 2007 I started to construct my own necklaces to produce something unique, but with a similar feel.

A white glass pearl and black onyx necklace with garnet cross pendants

There was enough information on the internet back then for me to figure out the basics of jewellery construction. I've didn't learn to forge metals - I would love to do that one day - so anything I made was put together with pliers. My techniques have improved over time, and I've found ways to put together dramatic necklaces which have stood up to everyday wear.

When I started, I decided to use sterling silver findings and components. I wanted quality, I was secure in my first real job, and the GBP to USD exchange rate was really good, so it wasn't as impractical as now. Also, today's alternatives - such as stainless steel - weren't as readily available.

On this page are pictures of some of my older designs. Several of my earliest attempts have been recycled into new pieces when I got bored, but a few remain from when I started in 2007-2008. I used oynx, glass, gemstone, mother-of-pearl or glass pearl beads, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver findings to build necklaces around interesting pendants.

I wore these necklaces very rarely; I don't wear crosses any more, and the style of these isn't really to my taste right now. My newer designs - the necklaces I actually wear frequently - will follow in a future article, and I'll show off anything new I make going forward.