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Curiology - established in 2010 - is a UK based shop which primarily sells jewellery, but also some home decor items. It stocks third-party items alongside its own large range of unique spooky and occult-themed acrylic pieces. It is run by a husband and wife team.

Curiology's logo

Curiology's owners have designed and manufactured a wide selection of necklaces and earrings, inspired by horror literature, the occult, and nature. You will find references to Edgar Allan Poe, tarot and Ouija in their products, as well as moons, ravens, skulls, cats and bats. They don't only focus on the spooky and macabre, however, there are also items based on the beauty of the natural world: bees, landscape vistas and butterflies. Curiology's own-branded items are made from acrylic, usually printed with ornate, sharp details, and sometimes constructed from several layers.

You can see my Curiology collection pictured below. I have several spooky necklaces, a few pins, and a couple of their mirrors. The 15 inch coffin mirror usually has a skull etched into it, above the filigree pattern, but I asked if it could be omitted because I wanted to use the mirror properly, rather than just as decor. As they manufacture in-house, they were pleased to do that for me. It's my favourite thing I've bought from Curiology, and one of my all-time favourite household items.

The picture showing the bat-shaped necklace, the layered Necropolis necklace and the 3D Skull Trio necklace is a good illustration of the various techniques Curiology employ in their jewellery, demonstrating layering, design printing and 3D printing.

If you like the items I've pictured on this page, please take a look at Curiology's website for yourself. They often run 'Freebie Friday' promotions and they also offer a subscription service - their 'Coven Club' which gets you a monthly mystery box containing an exclusive pin badge, an exclusive necklace, and a discount code/raffle ticket/special event invitation. I'm not subscribed myself, but it's something to consider. I find their range very imaginative and of high quality, and I will definitely order from them again when I can. I do especially like their layered necklaces, wall art, and their recently-released 'Cemetery Silhouette Clock'.

At the time of writing, Curiology are planning to be closed for a period following the first of April 2020, but will hopefully reopen for business in a couple of months.