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Halloween 2019 High Street Haul (Sweets)

This year there are quite a few sweets repackaged or adapted for the Halloween market. I bought some from Poundland, Marks & Spencer, B&M, the Co-op and TK Maxx.

Poundland had a large selection of sweets branded with Casper the Friendly Ghost. Candy sticks, sherbet-filled straws, marshamallows and more. Marks & Spencer had chocolate lollipops, gummy worms and fizzy jelly bat wings. There was a big tub of 'Ghoulicious Graveyard Treats'; jelly brains, bones, and hearts 'freshly dug up & delicious'.

B&M and the Co-op had a few big brand sweets. There were 'Goo Heads' from Cadbury - effectively yolkless Creme Eggs with monster-themed wrappers - and a 'spooky mix' of Rowntrees Randoms: jelly sweets in the shape of ghosts, skulls, pumpkins and bats etc. I also bought a packet of Haribo 'Scaremix' and 'Dead Chewy' by Maynards Bassetts. I have seen the Haribo in previous years. It is the usual mix of gummy eggs, rings, hearts and bears but with spooky colours and flavours. The back of the packet describes the fried eggs as 'Toffee Apple Monster's Eyeball', for example. I think the 'Dead Chewy' bag is new for 2019. I liked the ghostly packet design a lot; the sweets themselves were simply fruit chews in quirky 'dead' wrappers, a bit like Chewits or Starburst.

TK Maxx's offerings were more expensive, as you'd expect, but a little bit special too. I got a couple of packets of white candy lollipops and caramel-filled chocolates in a coffin-shaped box. If you want a treat, take a look at Halloween Chocolates (Hotel Chocolat) as their range seems to be the same again this year.

If I was going to hand out any sweets to Halloween trick-or-treaters, I would want them to be invidually-wrapped and not too pricey. That would rule out a lot of my haul, although things like the Haribo would be fine for a family get-together. The 'Dead Chewy' and Casper sweets I bought would be good trick-or-treat options though.