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Black Pasta

Fancy a lunch as dark as your soul? Try some black pasta. It gets its colour from squid ink and is traditionally paired with or filled with seafood.

We bought the Cod and Broccolleti Squid Ink Mezzelune from Tesco's Finest range, and served it with a creamy-coloured sauce (with bacon bits). Yes, I was thinking of how it would look in the photos when we picked the sauce, but luckily it tasted pretty nice too. It was priced at £3.00 for 250g or it could sometimes be bought as part of a meal deal. It unfortunately isn't available at the time of this article's latest update, but you could probably find something similar elsewhere.

An alternative to proper black pasta is Black Bean 'Spaghetti'. It's low carb, if that's important to you. We found some at Aldi, and - at the time of writing - it's still stocked there. It didn't manage to keep the true black colour after cooking; it was more like a very dark brown or maybe charcoal, but we liked it and would certainly have it again. The roasted purple heritage carrots we served it with turned out quite black, however (and they weren't burned - I promise). The skull print plates and bowl we used are from Weird & Wonderful Ceramics.